Thursday, March 29, 2012

Assignment #7 - Diptych

These images have very special meaning to me and my husband. The image on the left is a night time image of Seven Peaks Waterpark, which is the place where I met my husband. I was actually his boss, and I like to throw that in whenever I get that chance. Anyway, that is where we got to know each other the most and will always have a very special place in our hearts. The second image is actually right across from Seven Peaks, and right by that tree is where my husband and I shared our very first kiss. Awwww, right?As you can see, both of my images were taken at night instead of just one. This was on purpose and I chose to do it that way because 1) We both worked late hours at Seven Peaks and night time is when we got to leave together, and 2) we had our first kiss in the dark, during the night time by that tree. Very fitting. I really enjoyed this assignment because I got to experiment with bracketing in the dark! It was very fun to see how certain elements turned out, such as lights, skies, clouds, and wind. I accidentally got a motorcycle light trail in my second image, but I personally think it looks pretty cool.

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