Thursday, February 23, 2012

Assignment #4 - Color Theory

Monochromatic, although I can see a slight analogous scheme with the yellows and oranges found in the first two fruits.
Analogous - purple, red, orange, yellow, and green
Complimentary color scheme
Complimentary color scheme
Monochromatic - Orange + baby carrot = baby oranges.
Complimentary color scheme. I know it doesn't fit with my food theme, but I took it this weekend and think it couldn't be more perfect for a complimentary color scheme.

This was a fun assignment for me. I have always loved color theory. I was really hoping to find more usable color schemes at the air force base that I went to this past weekend, but unfortunately for me, I could only find red, white, and blue. Weird, right? Anyway, I shot most of these indoors because I only had time to shoot at night. I had fun creating these scenes and creating a perfect light. It was challenging to find a good scene, and I reshot over and over and over again until I was satisfied. 

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